Our Practice Areas


Commercial Litigation

Olivia spent years litigating commercial matters including breaches of contract, non-compete and non-solicitation agreement, misappropriation of trade secrets, and breaches of fiduciary duty. She also helps clients rewrite existing contracts to minimize the risk of these types of litigation in the future.

Divorce, Parentage, and Custody

Olivia’s divorce, custody, and parentage work is designed to help individuals who are or have been in high-conflict relationships. Let us guide you through the difficulties of divorcing or coparenting with a high-conflict individual, such as a narcissistic abuser or substance addict.

Domestic Violence

Olivia has extensive experience obtaining orders of protection, litigating harassing uses of the legal system by abusers, and assisting clients while the state’s attorney build a criminal domestic violence case.

Of Counsel

Olivia is of counsel to the law firm of Kobre & Kim LLP. Most recently she represented an industry-leading global event technology firm in a New York- and California-venued dispute alleging misappropriation of trade secrets following a proposed acquisition. Olivia is available during twice-monthly office hours to graduate students at the University of Chicago to offer general legal guidance and referral to appropriate professionals.

Licensed in Illinois + California